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What is LOLLI?

Lolli is a very interesting customer loyalty project, where you get Bitcoin for your purchases, it aims to share bitcoins with as many people as possible, partnering with more than 500 online stores. When you make purchases in these stores you will be credited a percentage of your purchases in Bitcoin which sounds very interesting, although unfortunately it is only available for U.S. residents at the moment (but............investigate, there I leave it).

What do I need and how does it work?

It is very simple, we just have to follow this link that will take us to their website and download the extension for the browser, it works perfectly in Brave, which we talked about in "Brave another way to navigate". Once installed we will find the add-on in the bar of our browser. We register with the method of our choice and our wallet will appear where we will receive the bitcoin for our purchases.

You also have a reward link in bitcoin, if your friends make a purchase for your reference. Our link of the lab machine of the posts, if you want to use it, maybe we get some reward hehe Some of you may think that there are only bad or little known stores, but it is not so, because even Microsoft or Groupon is part of the affiliate program. How can you find out which stores are affiliated? You have 2 ways, one on their website and the other by simply browsing. For example, let's visit Microsoft's online store. It will automatically appear if we want to activate between 0.5% -6% return in Bitcoin, of course we activate it hehe The icon will change to green and the credit will be applied, where you will receive an email a few days later with the estimated reward, but we will not see it in our wallet for 30-90 days.

How do I withdraw my bitcoins?

When you have a profit of $15 dollars you can withdraw it to a US dollar bank account or to a bitcoin address. We will let you know when it is available for other countries...... will not take long, since it is a project that in a very short time has acquired a great potential. TL.

Thanks for reading our posts.

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