Debian 10 is coming soon


Debian 10 with Buster key is in freezing period which indicates that soon we will have it available. In this occasion it was the turn of our friend the brown dog, in case you didn't know it, the names of the Debian versions are based on Toy Story. It will be available for the following architectures, here you can find the release notes by architecture:


What's new?

  1. Debian 10 "Buster" introduces Calameres, a graphical installer, allowing less experienced users an easier installation.
  2. Kernel 4.9 has been replaced by kernel 4.19, with dozens of improvements and patches, with updates for the next 5 years.
  3. AppArmor enabled by default, giving a little more work to administrators but providing greater security.
  4. New bash 5.0 shell, amazing, you can find more information in this link
  5. New nftables firewall, gaining syntax simplicity, combined rules, multiple actions per rule, combined protocols, ...
  6. Node.js updated, who has not encountered any problem and have to add repositories to get the current version, one less hassle in this version.
  7. OpenJDK updated, this part will surely bring us some trouble as always regarding Java and its versions, for example, Jenkins only supports 8.
  8. And as a cherry on top it works without problems under UEFI Secure Boot.
These are just some of their new features but there are more, you can see them in the release notes and test these lives .


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