Kernel 5.6 arrived on our planet

Getting better every day

Linus Torvalds has recently announced the release of version 5.6 of the kernel, which has many new features being WireGuard one of the most innovative to be integrated. As always Torvalds seeing the future, do not lose the eye to WireGuard for something has been implemented, I think it will be the guillotine of many other systems. It also brings us many other new features such as:
    • F2FS (Flash-Friendly File System) file compression support
    • USB4 support
    • Integration of components required for MPTCP (MultiPath TCP)
    • Improved support for AMD and INTEL graphics cards
    • Geforce RTX 2000 graphics card support
    •  ......and much more
You can download the new kernel from its official website and have a look at the documentation.


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